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Who am I

Welcome to Menschel Applied Photographic Art, run by Sven Menschel I am a Wageningen  -The  Netherlands - based photographer specialized in portraits and events.


In 2008, my career path brought me, as a PhD student in microbiology  to  Wageningen University. Career paths are not always straight. I love art  and I was not happy with my research and over the time, I missed the creativity and the visual esthetic. So my interest turned more from research to taking photos of my colleagues and friends instead of standing behind the bench.


After my PhD this hobby turned quickly into a serious business and in the end, I turned my back away from doing research to do what I like most: Making photos. Well, I did  not turn entirely from research, with documenting conferences, PhD defences  and portraits of scientist  I still get my daily dose of science :-D.


I shot my more than 100 defences over the years, I know how the candidates feels and what the concerns are. I am a silent and efficient worker in the background, that will make the day just a bit easier. If you are not convinced , have a look on my portfolio or contact me for some more examples.

For more recent updates and a wider range of photos and posts, please check out my facebook page and for other works my webpage.


“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”
— Matt Hardy



For more info's or more examples for what you finally get or anything else,  please contact me:-D. We have a busy schedule, therefore we recommend to book at least 2 weeks in advance or as early as possible.


I usually answer in in a few hours or maximum 24 hours. Please check you spam folder or try


Sven Menschel

Menschel Applied Photographic Art

Wageningen the Netherlands


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